Gain access to knowledge that can enhance your human resource process.


No matter what your company is making, someone may want to stop you or steal your ideas, products, and prototypes. Having a security presence, either armed or unarmed, can help protect your manufacturing plant and all its contents


Records establish a corporation’s integrity. Consistent procedures establish trustworthiness among your staff and volunteers. Hire SFI investigators to assist you in maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of your corporation.


With troubled economic times a factor in the lives of many people, squatting in vacant properties has become more common. A security presence at your vacant residential or commercial property can discourage that.

Lie Detection Test (DVSA)

SFI RISK uses cutting edge DVSA technology (Digital Voice Stress Analyzer). This allows us to directly test an individual’s answers in order to detect deception.

Drug Screening Cost

18 Panel Screen $26.95
16 Panel Screen $25.20
12 Panel Screen $24.70
8 Panel Screen $23.70


Package Deal
16 Panel Screen $25.20
Backgroud Check $34.50
Finger Printing $30.00
Reference Check Services INCLUDED
Total $89.70
Discount 15%
Package Price $76.25

Background Check Cost

Basic Criminal Package $17.50
Standard Criminal Package $34.50

Pre-employment Screening

Reference Check Services $20.00
Finger Print Services $30.00